Stockland Lovell Aug/Sept 4 Day Residential Camp 2019.

We provide an opportunity for you to spend a few days away enjoying the company of your horse and friends. With great riding facilities and new accommodation, what better place to enjoy riding and learning.

Our all-inclusive residential camps are for adults of all abilities. We provide good quality instruction, in groups of similar standards, in all three disciplines.

Our programmes are flexible and include optional hacking routes across the estate and neighboring land.

All you will need to bring is the following:

For your horse

Horse Passport, Water & Feed Buckets, Hay net, Mucking out utensils for shavings including wheelbarrow or skip, Tack & Boots, Studs, Rugs, Grooming kit & First Aid box.

For yourself

Bedding & Pillow, Wash Kit & Towels, Flip Flops for use in showers, Change of Riding gear (in case of rain!), Wet weather gear, Riding boots, Body Protector to current British Standard, Riding Hat to current British Standard & Medical Armband.

PLEASE NOTE: Current British Standard Skull hats and body protectors to be worn when on the Cross Country Course.

RE: Equine Flu Outbreak

Before booking our facilities or on to a Camp please ensure you are able to comply with the below.

Following the recent Equine Flu Outbreak in areas of the UK, we have put in place the following protocol to protect and safeguard those attending Residential Camps and using the facilities at Stockland Lovell.

As of the 1st March 2019 it will be compulsory for any horse attending Stockland Lovell to have documented vaccination or booster in their passport dated within 6 months of there booking taking place.

Every horse that arrives at Stockland Lovell will not be permitted off their transport until its passport has been inspected by a member of our staff.

At this time there is to be no hand grazing of any horses anywhere whilst at Stockland Lovell, grass may be collected and taken to your horse in its stable.

We will be implementing disinfectant dip points outside the tack rooms for bits to be rinsed before being hung back in the tack rooms.

We are making bio security a priority to keep your horse safe whilst enjoying your time at Stockland Lovell, we ask that you do the same by using the measures accordingly and ensuring you do not put your horse or other horses at risk by arriving at Stockland Lovell if your horse has any clinical signs or is unwell.

If you have any questions please contact the Office on: 01278 652224 or email the team at:

Please read carefully all documents before completing the booking and medical form and returning to our office.