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Dressage Times: Wednesday 18th July BD TIMES

1Prelim 14QGSB£19£20  £14  £11
2Prelim 19 QGSB£19£20  £14  £11
3Novice 28GSB£20£21  £15  £12
4Novice 39 QGSB£20£21  £15  £12
5Elementary 42GSB£21£22  £16  £13
6Elementary 59 QGSB£21£22  £16  £13
Entries CloseWednesday 11th July 2018
Times: Contact No, Date & Times to callWill be available on on: 01278 652224 Between 2pm – 5pm Monday 15th July 2018

Wednesday 18th July BD TIMES

Payment to be made toStockland Lovell Manor
Location Stockland Lovell Manor, Coultings, Fiddington, Bridgwater, Somerset TA5 1JJ
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Wednesday 18th July BD TIMES

StablingAvailable on request, see website
RefreshmentsDrinks and snacks available



Start Date: July 18th 10:00 am

End Date: July 18th 16:00 pm

Organiser: Stockland Lovell

Phone Number: