We are looking for cleaning & stablework staff over our coming season.

For the cleaning employed, self- employed or a local cleaning firm who would look after cleaning at Stockland Lovell over our season which is roughly from the end of February to the beginning of November.

In general we are looking for someone to clean every morning when there is a camp or something being held at Stockland Lovell. Normally about 1.5-2 hours (although we can probably find extra hours if you need them). The ideal time to clean would be anytime between 9am and 11.30am.

A camp stays between 2 to 5 days and would generally leave between 1-2pm and so the campsite will need to be cleaned over the next 3 hours as often a new camp arrives by 5pm.

For the stablework generally after 2pm for 3 hours but days and times can alter. A combination of stablework and cleaning might work also.

I am happy to talk about rates of pay and also if you would like payments spread over 12 months.

We have the full timetable for 2018 so you can see when all the times we would need you.

Please call the office on 01278 652224 for further details.